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We are the unspoken...

The things you've left unsaid
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Have you ever loved someone, and not been able to find the words to express it? Have you ever needed to tell someone something, but couldn't find it in yourself? Have you ever regretted the little things that you forget say? Ever wanted to apologize so badly, but you just couldn't?

This community is dedicated to the things that you've left unsaid. Feel free to post about even the littlest unsaid detail.


1) Respect the other members of this community. Don't harass someone just because they post something that you don't agree with. Unless said post is against the rules; in which case, harass away.

2) If you are going to include an image, please keep it appropriate and put it behind a cut. Respect the members of our community who aren't so lucky as to have high-speed internet.

3) Keep it clean. While we do allow profanity, we do not appreciate using it excessively.

4) Don't post something from a private entry in this communtiy onto your public journal unless you have permisssion. This kind of goes with the first rule.

5) No trolling. While the mods do appreciate a good troll, we don't feel that this is the place for one.

6) If you are cross-posting to another community or your private journal, please say so in your post.


Run by:
livingtodream and slightlysane